Thursday, May 19, 2016

Lucifer - Season 1 - Episode 13

Season finale. Awesome.

We're back in Lucifer's penthouse. He's surrounded by police. Chloe is trying to arrest him and he's really upset about the fact that she believes that he killed the preacher. He's having some kind of breakdown and seems to be trying some kind of suicide-by-cop thingie. However, he disappears before the cops shoot.

Rooftop. Aminadel grabbed Lucifer before the cops shot him and flew/teleported him to safety. Lucifer is fed up with his little Earthly vacation and asks his brother to take him back to hell. Aminadel refuses.

Malcolm shows up at the crime scene and Dan hands him one of Maze's demon daggers held in an evidence bag. Oh, this is going to end well.

Chloe tells Dan that she thinks Lucifer is innocent. He wouldn't just shoot the guy, that's not his style. Dan agrees, but tells her that Lucifer's prints will be on the gun. He tells her that they need to talk.

Aminadel tells Lucifer that he has to find Malcolm and send him back to hell and asks for his help. Lucifer is very happy with this plan. This scene is fabulous. The Lucifer/Aminadel relationship is great, and the good angel/bad angel pairing is classic mystery TV fodder. I wish this whole show had been Aminadel and Lucifer teaming up to chase supernatural baddies. That would have been awesome.

Lucifer and Aminadel are in the latter's psychiatric office. Dr. Martin walks in and is not happy to find out that Aminadel tricked her so he could information on Lucifer, not happy at all.

Chloe slaps Dan. Yeah! Dan just confessed to the whole Palmetto/Malcolm thing. Chloe is upset and decides that she has to go help Lucifer. She asks Dan to help her.

Dr. Martin has an impromptu therapy session with Lucifer and Aminadel. It's hilarious. At the end of the session Lucifer gets an idea. Malcolm needs to get a new life and Lucifer knows exactly the kind of person who can get him there. I honestly don't get this leap of logic, but whatevs, moving on.

Chloe goes to Lux and has a heart to heart with Maze. Very cool. Chloe concludes that Lucifer will go after Malcolm and is worried that he'll kill Malcolm and then end up in prison.

Uh, okay. We wouldn't want Luci to go to prison, would we?

Lucifer and Aminadel crash a funeral. The funeral director deals with new identities and he's creating a new one for Malcolm. However, he hasn't been paid yet. Malcolm is trying to get the 100k for the new identity. He's going to see someone called Tommy.

Maze and Chloe break into Malcolm's house. They have really great banter with a couple of comments that seem to indicate that Chloe is some kind of avenging or justice angel. Chloe actually has better chemistry with Maze than with Lucifer. It's all fun and games until someone starts shooting at them.

The shooter is Malcolm's wife. She thinks Malcolm's gone crazy. They just missed him. He came to the house looking for money, but left right away. He said he was going to get a beer. Wow, Malcolm is dropping a lot of bread crumbs, isn't he?

Chloe calls Dan and asks him where Malcolm would go. Based on his beer comment they wonder if he's going to rob a bar or something.

Dan enters his office and finds Lucifer and Aminadel there, looking through papers. They ask him who Tommy is and Dan says that it's a brewery owner with a drug operation. Lucifer and Aminadel disappear. Dan calls Chloe and tells her that Malcolm is going to rob the drug dealer. Chloe and Maze head for the brewery. I love these two, they're like Cagney and Lacey, with better hair.

Malcolm is at the brewery robbing the drug dealer. Lucifer and Aminadel walk in and get into a fight with the drug dealer's enforcers. They enjoy themselves immensely. Man, this show would be so much better if every episode had a "Luci and Aminadel beat up bad guys" scene.

They separate and look for Malcolm. Aminadel finds him and Malcolm stabs him with one of Maze's demon daggers. Lucifer arrives and Malcolm runs away while Luci tends to Aminadel. Maze gets there and tells Lucifer to get Malcolm. She'll take care of the wounded angel.

Chloe shoots at Malcolm. He escapes. Lucifer arrives. Chloe points her gun at him.

Chloe tells Lucifer that she believes he's innocent. She has Malcolm's cash and he won't go anywhere without it. Dan arrives and tells them that they found evidence that Lucifer is innocent.

Maze takes Aminadel to the penthouse. She takes out the feather she rescued on the beach. She was planning to use it to get back to Hell (not sure how that would work), but she'll sacrifice it to heal her lover. The feather heals Aminadel.

Whoa, wait, the feathers heal? And Lucifer just burned them up? Man, he really is bad at this "now I'm a good guy" thing, isn't he?

They reach the precinct and Dan takes the fall. He confesses to taking the gun out of the evidence locker and giving it to Malcolm, who then used the gun to kill the preacher and frame Lucifer.

Chloe gets a call. It's Malcolm, he took Trixie out of school and is holding her hostage. Seriously, of all unrealistic things that happen in this show, a random cop being able to take a kid out of school without parental authorization strikes me as the most unrealistic. I know it's L.A. and their public schools suck, but this is ridiculous.

Malcolm still has friends in the precinct so he can make sure that Chloe does exactly what he asks. She has to take the money out of the evidence room and bring it to Malcolm. She manages to do just that, but Lucifer sees her and gets suspicious. This scene is kind of weak. Surely, Chloe knows that Malcolm will take the money and kill and Trixie. What she's doing is incredibly stupid. Lucifer intercepts her in the parking lot and she tells him about Trixie and how she has to get the money to Malcolm. Lucifer instantly figures out the weak spot in the plan, but he promises to let her go alone.

Yeah, right.

Hostage Trixie is fantastic. Chloe arrives at a hangar with the money. Malcolm disarms her. He lets Trixie go and Chloe tells her to go hide. The money is in the trunk. Malcolm finds it and then aims his gun at Chloe. Lucifer arrives. He pulls his little desire trick on Malcolm. It almost works, but what Malcolm really wants to do is kill Lucifer so he pulls the trigger and Lucifer goes down. This was not a good plan, Luci. It just occurred to me that Lucifer gets shot a lot in this show. He's like a bullet magnet. He could have grabbed a gun and shot Malcolm. Why didn't he?

Malcolm taunts Lucifer as he dies. Then he goes to hunt down Chloe. Lucifer bargains with God. He promises to do his father's will in exchange for Chloe's life. He as a vision of Hell (which apparently looks like an ashy Sprockets set, no wonder he left) and an open dungeon. He seems shocked.

God is apparently pleased with the deal. He heals Lucifer who then goes after Malcolm.

Chloe makes a run for her guns, but Malcolm gets a clean shot at her. Lucifer punches him in the face before he can pull the trigger. Chloe shoots Malcolm.

God also returned the coin to Lucifer, so Malcolm is now permanently dead. Good riddance. He was the worst villain ever. Trixie comes out of hiding. Yeah, Trixie, you're better at hide and seek than your mom, that's for sure.

Back at the penthouse. Aminadel is better, but Maze is nowhere around. Lucifer finds a broken bottle of booze and pours himself a drink. He tells Aminadel that Malcolm is dead. He also tells him that he spoke to God and stuck a bargain with him. Something escaped from Hell, something scary.

Lucifer's mom.

This was a great season finale. There was action and humor and magic. The Lucy-Aminadel and Chloe-Maze relationships are fabulous and the tension was high. The ending was a great setup for the new season. In many ways, I hope it's not only a season finally, but also a new direction for the series. I'm tired of the crappy L.A. mysteries and would be overjoyed to see the show turn into a glam version of Supernatural with bickering brothers chasing down demon baddies between family therapy sessions. Make it so, Lucifer writers.