Saturday, December 7, 2013

Witches of East End Recap - Episode 9

Fabulous opening scene. The Beauchamp women cast a spell on the beach. They are all in white gowns. They chant in Latin and use magic to bounce a burning branch from witch to witch. The branch reaches Freya, she tries to keep it aloft, but fails.

Lighting flashes. We see Penelope watching the beach ceremony on a scrying bowl. She smiles maliciously.

Credits roll.

We’re back in the Beauchamps’ kitchen. Joanna, Wendy and Freya are looking through the spellbook. Joanna plans to cast a spell to identify the shifter. She also plans to test the Gardiner family to verify that they are mortal. She cuts Freya’s hand and draws blood for the spell. Ugh. Not my favorite scene in spite of Wendy’s fabulous terra-cotta cover-up. I love the clothes in this show. It's as if Stevie Nicks did a Chico collection.

We are now in Fair Haven. The rental company is setting up furniture for the wedding. Wow, that’s not very many chairs. Looks like a very intimate family wedding. Killian looks at the preparations. He looks glum. He tells his mom that he won’t attend the wedding. He’s going to Costa Rica.

Joanna’s studio. Joanna is painting. Oh, wait. It’s not a painting. It’s a spell. Wendy tells her that they should ask someone called Victor. Joanna refuses. She steps back to admire her red canvas. She tells Wendy that the image of their enemy should appear on the canvas. They stare at the canvas. Nothing happens.

The Bent Elbow. Freya’s tending bar. Ingrid comes in with a large plastic bag. It’s Freya’s wedding dress. Freya tries it out. It’s all mermaidy and tulley and sparkly. I swear I owned a Barbie doll that came with this exact same dress. Killian comes in. Hello, awkwardness.

Dash is in the Fair Haven catacombs. The rameus morteus is no longer there, but there is a silvery fluid on the wall. Awesome clean-up job Aunt Wendy. Dash calls Amy as he pours silvery gunk into a sample jar. He wants her to come take a look.

Ingrid is shelving books at the library. Mike walks in. he wants to show her his father’s diaries. He thinks one of the diaries has a secret code and he wants Ingrid to help him decode it. He tells her that he knows that she’s a witch. Ingrid denies it.

Freya and Dash are admiring the wedding set-up.  Sappy, sappy, sappy.

Generic college campus. Wendy finds the Victor person. She tells him that Freya needs his help and explains the situation.

Back in the Fair Haven catacombs. Penelope is up to no good. She’s talking to her father’s portrait and that’s never a good sign.

Back to the painting studio where Joanna is literally watching paint dry. No image yet.

Amy enters the catacombs looking for Dash. She finds Penelope instead. Penelope kills her.

Dash looks for Amy in the catacombs. He can’t find her. We see her corpse lying in a store room.

Freya’s in the Bent Elbow inventory room. The shifter comes in and threatens her. She wants to send a message to Joanna. Freya calls Joanna and tells her to follow the shifter. Joanna races out of the house and follows the shifter through town. The shifter evades her.

Victor and Wendy are in the Beauchamps kitchen looking through the spellbook. Joanna comes in and Wendy hides Victor in her bedroom. Wendy seems to have a lot of experience hiding men. I’m not surprised.

Mike comes to the library. He wants to prove that Ingrid is a witch. Ingrid denies it. He takes an antique ax out of his satchel and stabs it into his thigh.

God, this guy’s an idiot. I hope he dies.

Joanna and Freya are at the Bent Elbow. Freya gives the message to Joanna. It’s a phrase in Latin.
Ingrid heals Mike. His leg, I mean. His brain is beyond help.

Freya and Joanna return home. Joanna tells Wendy that it’s time to call Victor. Wendy yells for Victor who lurches down the stairs. Joanna tells Freya that Victor is her father. Freya looks shocked.
Freya is in the dining room which is set up for the rehearsal dinner. It looks amazing. Joanna walks in. Father… blah, blah, blah… never met… blah, blah, blah… Victor walks in. Blah, blah, blah…

Victor, Freya and Joanna are in the garden. They’re going to try a very dangerous spell. They hold hands and start chanting. Freya contorts in agony. Joanna looks appalled. She stops the spell.

Back at the Bent Elbow, Freya and Ingrid are talking. Freya tells her about Victor. Ingrid is not interested in meeting him. The owner interrupts them and tells Freya that Killian is leaving for Costa Rica. Ingrid thinks that maybe it’s all for the best.

Rehearsal dinner at the Beauchamps. Wendy serves champagne. Penelope makes a toast. The toast is fabulous, every single word drips innuendo. Wendy takes away the champagne flutes. She goes back to the kitchen and tests the glasses. Everyone at the party is human. Victor arrives at the party. Joanna’s not happy, but Freya tells her that she invited him.

Joanna’s painting starts to form Penelope’s face. Penelope finds the painting and changes the image.
Ingrid is not happy about Victor’s presence. There’s much turmoil about who abandoned who. Angst abounds. Freya and Dash leave the party. Wendy’s party dress is fabulous.

Freya and Dash have a romantic walk on the beach.

Victor and Joanna. More angst. They kiss. It’s an awkward kiss because these two have no chemistry whatsoever.

Mike shows up and tells Ingrid that he knows where the gate to Asgard is. Ingrid tells him that the only key was destroyed. Mike tells her that she’s the other key. He wants her to open the door.
Wendy and Joanna are looking at the painting. It shows the Fair Haven catacombs. Penelope, you wicked girl.

Penelope’s in the catacombs mixing a silvery potion. She tells her father’s portrait that she’s going home. She throws at a wall and it creates a mystical flame. I love Virginia Madsen, she’s so fabulously creepy. She looks like she’s having a ball with this role.

Freya’s looking at the spellbook. Killian arrives. He tells her that she’s in love with him. He asks her to leave with him.

End of episode.