Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Lucifer Recap, Season 1 Episode 6

This was the best episode yet. The police case is still blah, but now there's a supernatural aspect to it, which makes all the difference. Maze and Archangel Douchebag are fabulous, and Dr. Martin rocks. The music is fantastic. Plus, there's a Tom Sizemore cameo.

What more can you ask for? Nothing.

The show opens up with Tom Ellis singing "Sinnerman" on the piano at Lux. Great scene (here it is on YouTube). I could listen to this forever. During the song, we cut to a warehouse where a security guard is murdered. One of the items in the warehouse, we are told, belongs to a Mr. Morningstar.

Cute scene between Chloe, her ex, and Trixie. Trixie says Lucifer made her eat her birthday cake. Trixie's dad tells Chloe that she needs to keep Satan away from their kid. Shared custody can be such a pain, am I right?

Back at Lux. Lucifer turns down a threesome to help out the police. Maze is not happy about this.

Warehouse murder scene. Lucifer is bored so he makes jokes.

Back at Lux. Lucifer is whining about how boring the case is. Maze is not here for the whining. She shuts him up and announces that the container belongs to him. They need to recover it. Lucifer is not that concerned about it, but Maze reminds him that his reputation is at stake. Maze's necklace, btw, is gorgeous. I wonder if it doubles as a weapon. I'd love to see it in action.

Lucifer returns to the warehouse. He tells Chloe that the container is his. It has "personal stuff."

Lucifer interrogates a gyro truck vendor. He tells them to go talk to a biker gang. The warehouse is in their territory. The biker gang's name is Los Diablos, which is very fitting.

Chloe calls her ex and asks him to investigate Lucifer's club. She thinks that the contents of the container may be illegal.

May be illegal? It's a container so she's not talking about drugs or weapons. She's worried about contraband Louis Vuitton bags and Nike sneakers. I'm cracking up at this point.

Chloe's ex goes to examine the books at Lux. The scene with Maze is pure gold. Apparently Lux is always full of customers, but she's claiming a loss in her tax returns. I didn't think I could love Maze more, but it turns out I can. Maze knocks him unconscious and we fade out.

Lucifer is in session with Dr. Martin. I love Dr. Martin, but this is actually not my favorite scene. Blah, blah, blah...identiy...blah, blah, blah. Lucifer leaves and Archangel Douchebag shows up. They chat about Lucifer.

Chloe's ex wakes up naked in the beach cottage. Wait, is the sofa a bed? There's no second bedroom? Anywho, Trixie helps him sneak out of the house. It's a cute scene. I love Trixie.

Chloe's ex shows up at Lux in pink sweatpants and a 'NSync shirt. Maze is amused. I loved this. It's hilarious. Does it mean that Chloe is a boy band fan? Actually, I'm hoping it means that Penelope Decker dater a boy band singer. I'm still waiting to meet Penelope. I hope the writers bring her in soon.

Apparently, Maze was hoping that Chloe and her ex would get back together. She's very disappointed.

Chloe and Lucifer go to see the biker gang. They bicker. Tom Sizemore shows up. Yeay! He tells them that the club is trying to go legit. His guys wouldn't kill anyone. Chloe shows him a cross-shaped imprint from the dead guy's neck. He doesn't say anything.

Dr. Martin and Archangel Douchebag chat over wine. He tells her to pretend to believe that Lucifer is the devil. This sounds like really bad advice, and I'm surprised Dr. Martin buys it.

Chloe thinks that the biker gang leader recognized the imprint and will try to meet up with the killer. They wait until he comes out and then they follow his bike. Meanwhile, they chat. Chloe admits that she likes working with Lucifer, but she's worried about the illegal contraband. He tells her that he'd never lie to her. She asks him what was in the container. "Russian dolls," he answers.

The gang leader meets with someone under a bridge. The guy shoots him. Chloe calls for backup. She helps the gang leader while Lucifer chases the killer through the streets of Los Angeles.

Lucifer follows the killer into a building. They reach the roof and he asks him who stole the container. Very good acting by Tom Ellis. Lucifer shows him the killer his real face. The guy jumps from the roof.

Oopsie. Lucifer actually looks remorseful about this. Kind of like a cat when the mouse dies.

The take the guy away and Chloe tells Lucifer that they found his container. They go and open it up. I contains a box full of Russian dolls. Chloe leaves, and Lucifer opens a secret compartment in the back. It's empty.

Chloe's ex shows up for Taco Tuesday. This was a subplot about the ex having a work thing so he couldn't show up for Trixie's cooking night. It was boring so I skipped it. The Taco Tuesday scene is cute though.

Lucifer shows up for therapy with Dr. Martin. She wonders why he's so upset now. He'd told her the items were not important. She says that sometimes we have to lose something to understand its value. Then she talks about identity. They go into some world building. Apparently, Lucifer is God's son and he was cast out to do the most important of jobs. Dr. Martin says it was a gift, an act of love. It sounds like she's trying to convince him that he's not really an evil being. He's just an angel with a really sucky job. Lucifer is skeptical and I don't blame him. Dr. Martin tells him to embrace all that he is, and he says he can't "because they were stolen from him."

Cut to Lucifer's apartment. He leans over the balcony overlooking the city, shirtless. Maze walks up behind him. The camera focuses on the scars on his back.

"Someone's got them, Mazikeen. Someone's got my wings."

Cut to the wings, bloody stumps and all, hanging on someone's wall as a trophy.

This was fantastic. I loved this episode. LOVED. I'm really looking forward to the next one. The whole "not the Devil, just an angel" angel is intriguing. In the Judeo-Christian mythos Lucifer led a rebellion against his creator and was thus consigned to hell. That idea is pretty central to the entity, note Milton's "better to reign in Hell than to serve in Heaven" line. The show seems to sweep that aside. Here, Lucifer didn't rebel. He was assigned Hell. This, along with the whole "justice for the wicked" blabbing in the past couple of episodes seems to indicate that he's being spun as an angel of justice type. I'm not particularly thrilled by this (I liked Gaiman's nihilistic devil better), but I'm willing to see where it leads.

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