Friday, March 25, 2016

Lucifer Recap, Season 1, Episode 8

A Dr. Martin episode. Awesome!

I know I complain about how boring the police episodes are, but this one is an exception. It's almost 100% police procedural, but the supporting characters (Dr. Martin FTW!) make it special. The music also improves in this one.

We're at Lux where Lucifer is having a birthday party. He's celebrating is re-birth after getting rid of the wings. Maze is less than pleased. Chloe and her ex show up. Maze's mood does not improve. Chloe wishes Lucifer a happy birthday and gives him a present (some kind of booze, I think). They do shots. She leaves with Dan (I guess I should call her douchebag ex by his name). Lucifer is not pleased.

It's a work party. Back-from-the-dead guy (Malcolm) gives them a hard time. There's some ominous mentions of Hell.

Lucifer goes to see Dr. Martin. He kinda, sorta apologizes for breaking her wall. He's having trouble handling his emotions. Dr. Martin diagnoses it as jealousy. Lucifer scoffs and says "the devil doesn't get jealous." I'm confused because I thought Lucifer rebelled against God because the creation of man made him jealous. Anywho, Lucifer concludes that he's not the one with the problem. Chloe is the one with the problem and she should see Dr. Martin and get those resolved. Dr. Martin's face at the end of this scene is priceless.

Crime scene. Lucifer and Chloe investigate a therapist who got shot. The victim encouraged his patients to cheat on their partners to salvage their relationship. Chloe mentions that the wife was out of town at the time of the crime. The victim's business partner seems very protective of the wife.

Lucifer seduces a judge so Chloe can get a warrant for the victim's confidential client files.

Per the warrant, Dr. Martin has to look through the files and inform the police as to any relevant info. Chloe scolds Lucifer for bringing Dr. Martin into the case, but he's distracted by a sign on a door. "Dr. Canaan" sounds very biblical to him. Dr. Martin found that she shared one of her patients with the victim and that patient was very angry about the "cheating therapy."

Chloe and Lucifr go to investigate the angry patient. He asks her about her divorce. Job was more important to Dan than his family, blah, blah, blah. Chloe thinks he's changed though.

Dr. Martin calls to warn Chloe about the angry patient's self-harming tendencies. Her warning comes at the nick of time. As Lucifer and Chloe park, they see a man hanging on a ledge, about to jump.

Lucifer talks the guy out of his suicide attempt. The scene is hilarious. Good, because this episode is seriously dragging. The angry patient, it turns out, wasn't angry after all. The victim was helping him get over the breakup of his marriage and a whole bunch of other stuff. He also had an alibi for the time of the murder. The angry patient says he ran into the victim's wife two days ago. Chloe is suspicious because the wife had said that she was out of town.

Dr. Martin goes to Lux and chats with Maze who warns her about getting too attached to Lucifer. I love this scene. These two are fantastic. Turns out Lucifer asked Dr. Martin to come to Lux so she could talk to Chloe. Chloe tells her about the victim's wife. Dr. Martin thinks that the wife may have been stalking one of the victim's patient. Chloe gets a call from Dan. She has to go back to her house to meet him. Lucifer is not happy about him.

Chloe enters her cottage. Hello, it's not Dan, it's creepy back-from-the-dead guy. This is not good police work, Chloe. Malcolm (back-from-the-dead guy) is also interested in Palmetto. He claims that he was looking for a crooked cop. Chloe doesn't believe him. Malcolm seems to be very upset about the whole "having been dead" thing. He tells Chloe that the guys who shot him is still out there and "he has no problem shooting cops."

Back to investigating. Chloe, Lucifer and Dr. Martin are in the car. There is much banter. Very nice. They question the wife in a parking lot. The wife confesses to having several pounds of fecal matter in her car. She was going to throw the poop at one of husband patients who is attending group therapy in the building with her husband's business partner. She says her husband fell in love with the patient. She didn't kill him. She just wanted him back.

Dan arrives. He's angry that Malcolm went to see Chloe. He also didn't get any prints off the key they found in Palmetto. Dr. Martin thinks Dan is hot. I'm starting to question Dr. Martin's judgement.

Lucifer interrupts the group therapy. He starts to blabber about himself. This scene should be funny, but it falls kind of flat. He gets the business partner to confess to the murder. He's in love with the victim's wife so he killed him. The guy takes out a knife and threatens Lucifer. Chloe shows up and beats the murderer up which is kind of cool.

There's some tying up of lose ends. Blah, blah, blah...Palmetto. Chloe realizes that Malcolm's partner would have known about the Palmetto meeting through the police GPS trackers. They go to question him and find him dead. Chloe finds a suicide note where the partner confesses to being on the take and shooting Malcolm.

Dr. Martin tells Lucifer that they have to keep their relationship professional from now on. He asks about the mysterious Dr. Canaan and doesn't like the answers he gets.

Chloe thanks Dan for helping her out. They kiss. Dan gets paged and has to go. He's meeting creepy Malcolm who congratulates him on closing Palmetto. Malcolm, it turns out, killed Tony and wrote out the confession. Dan was the one who shot Malcolm. Back-from-the-dead guy is now blackmailing him. He has "big plans" for Dan.

Back to Lux. Lucifer connected the dots and figured out that Maze told Amenadiel (alias Dr. Canaan) about Dr. Martin. He's not happy about the betrayal. I'm confused. She's a demon, what did he expect? Betrayal should be kind of her thing. The worldbuilding in this show confounds me. The have cute ideas, but they can't make up their minds.

I give the episode three stars. I liked Dr. Martin and Maze and Lucifer were amusing. The crime was a dud, as are all the crimes these guys investigate. Who knew L.A. was such a dreary crime city? I'm still bored to death about Palmetto though. Even creepy back-from-the-dead Malcolm and trigger-happy Dan can't make that case interesting. I should care about Chloe and Dan kind of getting back together, but I can't for some reason. We'll see how it goes.