Monday, March 21, 2016

Lucifer Recap, Season 1, Episode 7

Well, this was a disappointment. Things seemed to be going so well...sigh.

The episode starts off on a high note with Maze picking up a guy in Lux. She ends up waterboarding the guy in Lucifer's hot tup, but, hey, that's Maze. Lucifer wants to know who stole his wings. Maze is fabulous, as always.

Cut to the police station. The Palmetto guy's family is turning off his life support. Chloe's ex wants her to stop investigating the guy so his family can get benefits. Chloe is stubborn and doesn't want to do it.

Chloe's cottage. Lucifer wants some help. However, he gets sidetracked because Chloe is so upset about Palmetto. They chat about it. I become bored. I hate Palmetto. I thought it was a cute backstory at first, but now that it's a real plot, ugh, it's just tiresome.

Lucifer and Aminadel at the beach. Lucifer ask him for help finding his wings. Cue dramatic music. There's some stuff about Lucifer wanting free will and cutting off his wings to achieve that, but other than that, meh. Everyone wears to much clothing.

Back to the cottage. Lucifer asks Chloe for help. She laughs but puts out an APB call for angel wings.  Her ex is also part of the investigation. Oh, goody. /sarcasm

They got the place where the corrupt cops met to exchange money. Chloe is trying to figure out who started the shooting. She can't make head or tails of it. Her ex gets a call. Someone found the angel wings.

Turns out the FBI is staking out a 'holy antiquities' auction. Lucifer's wings are part of the auction. The FBI is raiding the auction that night.

Lucifer attends the auction with Aminadel, who is wearing the most hideous tie in creation. Aminadel wants to return the wings to heaven. They are too dangerous here on earth.

Lucifer gets them into the auction by waiving around a coin.

Chloe's ex takes her to see the Palmetto guy who is in a coma in the hospital. There's a teary confrontation with the guy's family.

They get to meet the auction organizer. The organizer is not a believer. He just wants money. The coin is apparently the "Devil's Coin." I'm not sure what that is. I thought it would be one of Judas' silver coins, but, apparently, no. I couldn't find any "devil's coin" legends on the Internet, but there's a nicely creepy story about it on reddit. Frankly, Judas' coin would've been a better choice than this made up crap.

Aminadel fights with the guy and his security team draws out their guns. Lucifer calms them down by explaining that he's willing to buy the wings.

Auction time. Aminadel wants to know why Lucifer was so scared of the guns. Lucifer tells him that he is vulnerable now and can be hurt. Aminadel is excited about this. When Lucifer dies, he'll return to Hell and Aminadel's mission will be completed. The auction begins. I'm annoyed by the fact that the auctioneer talks about the "papal basilica." Which one? There's four. I'm also annoyed by the whole "stupid people believe in this schtick and are willing to pay for it" attitude. No. Medieval relics are items of intense historical and theological interest. You wouldn't mock someone paying millions of dollars for a DaVinci madonna, would you?

This is irritating. If you're going to write a show about the Christian mythos, do some research. There's plenty of interesting stuff out there about relics. Use it.

There's also a little joke about St. Paul being portly. It's cute, but odd. Lucifer wouldn't know Paul of Tarsus. He would've been exiled to hell thousands of years before Paul's birth. Several saints have encounters with Satan in their bios, but, Paul isn't one of them (here's a list, and another one, and yet one more). This is a small detail, but it's disappointing. Respect your world building people. Do your research.

Chloe arrives in a fantastic dress. She looks AMAZING. There's some cute banter (finally!). The wings are displayed and the FBI arrives. Aminadel does his stopping time routine. Lucifer goes to get the wings and gets a shock. They're fake. Lucifer wants to go after the wings, but Chloe has to take care of some Palmetto stuff.

Yeay, Palmetto. /sarcasm

Chloe goes with her ex to the Palmetto warehouse. To make a long story short (too late!), she figures out that there was someone else there, and that person was the killer. They find a secret passage and an L.A.P.D.  key that seems to confirm her theory.

 Lucifer visits the auction guy at his (very expensive) home, and finds his wings. Aminadel was the one who stole the wings.

Yawn. Lucifer burns his wings. Double yawn. This means he's committing to mortality. Okay.

Maze has a cute scene at the end. She cleans up the mess from the fire and saves a feather from the wings.

Overall, this was a disappointment. There were a couple of cute scenes (foul/fowl play!), but otherwise, it was meh. I'm bummed that the supernatural plot was lame and quickly resolved, and the insanely boring police subplot (Palmetto, Palmetto, Palmetto...ugh) seems to go on forever. The shoddy world building annoys me. The music wasn't that good either. Bleh.

It hope the next episode is better.